Big Picture Holiday: Shimmer

Big Picture Holiday: Shimmer and Melt is the powerful new weapon in the musical arsenal of saxophonist and bandleader Avram Fefer. With influences ranging from Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, and Ornette Coleman to Afrobeat, Ethiopian, and Moroccan music, Shimmer and Melt features a dark and funky brilliance that shines forth from the very first notes. It is a musical globetrotter’s fresh take on dirty late­night street jazz –­­ sophisticated, sly, and provocative... full of neon lights, shooting stars, and fleeting innuendo.
released October 30, 2015 

Avram Fefer --- Saxes, Bass Clarinet, Alto Flute 
Kenny Wessel --- Electric Guitar 
David Phelps --- Electric Guitar 
Alexis Marcelo --- Wurlitzer, Rhodes 
Jason DiMatteo --- Electric Bass 
Chris Eddleton --- Drums 
Todd Isler --- Percussion (trk. 5-7) 

Produced by Avram Fefer 
Executive Producer: Michael Sheffrey 
All songs written by Avram Fefer (AKF Music, BMI / SACEM) 
Graphic Design by Ertac Uygun 
Poem by Hafiz: The Ear that was Sold to a Fish 


“Art is the conversation between lovers. 
Art offers an opening for the heart. 
True art makes the divine silence in the soul 
break into applause. 

Art is, at last, the knowledge of 
where we are standing; 
where we are standing 
in this wonderland 
when we rip off all our clothes….” 



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