Istanbul 70 Classics

Album Cover, Artwork

I designed these album covers for the iTunes Store and other digital markets. We were thinking something cool but it shouldn’t be something orientalist. Because these album series include a lot of  meaningful songs about 70’s Turkey. Once you listen to the lyrics, you can catch the social problems, political views and westernization vibes in 70’s Turkey. So it had to be something about Istanbul’s colors.

First, I created the pattern, then started to listen the albums. I focused on the main logo which we then used in the middle of the covers. I came up with an idea at 5am in the morning and I presented  it to the  Nublu Records team.  After a couple of revisions I got, I decided that this logo actually worked better. Because we were looking for something unique for our future merchandise stuff.

By the way, after the whole series (digitals, originals, EPs and CDs), We also decided to print 7″ vinyls for Istanbul 70 Edits. Yes, Nublu Records still releases 7 inches in this age and thanks god there are some music lovers who would like to buy it..






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7″ Vinyls

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